Primus Private School, situated in Al Warq’aa, was launched on 6th of April 2008. Primus is an inclusive school educating pupils from PreKG to Grade 12 in the CBSE, Indian Curriculum with student’s strength of more than 1600.

The School has child friendly classrooms to facilitate modern teaching methodologies and has thus embraced the advantages that higher technology has to offer and ensured its smooth blending with traditional chalk and talk. This makes an emphatic statement about the school’s commitment to gearing students to navigate the information superhighway that is changing the world.

Education at PRIMUS transcends the confines of the classroom walls and pages of the text book. Our wide spread campus and facilities along with competent and committed staff all exude an air of warmth. “Learning” here is a joyous process where teachers, students and parents are partners at every step. Our School provides an ideal atmosphere for nurturing the talents and needs of young students. In planning the curriculum and putting it into practice, we aim to ensure that excellence is pursued and valued, that lessons are challenging and have pace and direction and the way children are taught, for example, individually, in group or as a part of whole class, matches their individual needs.