General Introduction:

 The aim of this manual is to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the provision of a safe and healthy environment for all our students and employees. Arrangements has to be planned, prioritized and implemented through the policy manual and associated guidance as required. The progress achieved and the effectiveness of controls will be monitored through measurement of performance and regular reviews. As it is the duty of the school management to publish a safety policy which deals the organizational structure and arrangements for ensuring the adequate safety standards are maintained.

This manual contains the health and the safety policy and the supporting arrangements for Primus Private School, Alwarqa, Dubai, U.A.E. It is a legal requirement that the safety policy is brought to the attention of every employee within the school.

Principal Features:

Duties of the school management:-

  • The provision and maintenance of building and supporting systems of work which are safe.
  • Arrangements for ensuring safety in connection with the use, handling, storage, transportation and disposal of articles and substances.
  • Health and safety aspects of the school transportation services ie. Provision for necessary instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.
  • The provision and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment and adequate welfare facilities. This includes the health and hygienic aspects of the whole premises.

Duties of the Employees:-

All teachers, nannies and the admin staff have a duty to take extra care to avoid injury to themselves and to the students by their work activities. They are expected to:

  • Exercise effective supervision of the pupils.
  • Ensure that they have addressed any potential emergencies, where necessary familiarizing pupils of the procedures.
  • Give clear instructions and warnings as often as may be necessary.
  • Set an example by using safe working methods and abiding by any safety rules.
  • Make recommendations for additions or improvements where problems or risks are identified.

Various Segments of Health and Safety Policy

  1. Organization and Line of Responsibility:-

Overall responsibility of the health and safety of all within the school rest with the School Management headed by its Principal. The Principal delegates this responsibility to the individual Operations Manager for the purpose of the day to day running of the school with the direct assistance of individual line administrative officer and supervisors.

  • The school management will ensure through the designated officers and supervisors that all employees receive adequate awareness with regard to health and safety measures adopted in the school and enable them to undertake their work in a safe manner.
  • The officer / supervisor will ensure that all electrical / electronic equipments and the school transportation services are suitable for their intended purposes and it is maintained in a safe condition at all times.
  • The officer / supervisor will ensure that all employees are adequately notified of the fire escape routes and the measures to be taken in case of any casualty or emergency.
  • The risk assessments along with all other safety documentations are to be reported to the Head Mistress and the Principal on a regular basis.
  • Individual member of staff who have any concern regarding their own safety or of their students are responsible for reporting the matter to their supervisor without delay.
  1. Fire and Safety:-

The school has provided the necessary fire fighting equipments in accordance with the requirements of the local fire authority. All employees are required to familiarize themselves with the fire drill before commencing work. Fire exercise will be arranged at regular intervals. Existing fire fighting equipments will be inspected by a supervisor appointed by the manager on a weekly basis and by external contract engineers on a quarterly basis. Fire alarms will be tested weekly. Fire fighting equipments will be inspected by the Civil Defense Department on annual basis and certificate will be issued.

Fire exit must be kept clear at all times. No fire door to or from an occupied room may be locked. Smoking is not at all permitted inside the premises. All employees should know which extinguishers are available in your immediate place of work. Employees should ensure that combustible materials do not accumulate around your place of work.

In the event of fire, the premises should be evacuated immediately following the information provided on the fire notices.

  1. Electrical Safety:-

Ensure that all electrical / electronic equipment you use is in good order. Do not use any electrical / electronic equipment that does not appear to be in good order but report it to your supervisor without delay.

General Safety Requirements for Electrical System:-

  • Switch off all electrical equipment after use.
  • Do not over load sockets.
  • Do not allow wires to project in to the walkway where they present a tripping hazard.
  • Use a residual circuit breaker when operating a port hand tool.
  • Only competent persons who have been trained properly should do the repair and maintenance works.
  1. First Aid:-

The school doctor / nurse is responsible for the administration of first aid, recording treatment given and maintaining supplies. The school doctor / nurse is also responsible for carrying out weekly checks on the contents of first aid boxes and for replenishing stocks.

  1. Medical Records:-

Medical records should be kept in the clinic, in the charge of the school doctor.

  1. Cleanliness:-

Good housekeeping in all areas is an essential feature of health and safety and for prevention of accidents. All employees must ensure that materials, substances or items are disposed of in a safe manner for health and safety and to avoid environment pollution.

Ensure all entrances, corridors, walkways and exit doors are kept clear of obstructions at all times.

  1. Visitors and contractors:-

All visitors and contractors must report to the main reception and sign the visitors book on arrival and when departing. Visitors are to be given the Visitors ID. All contractors working for the company are required to comply with the school health and safety policy.

  1. School Transportation:-

The Transportation supervisor should ensure that all buses are running in good condition as per RTA rules and regulations. Periodic checking has to be undertaken to make sure that the bus is maintained properly with regard to hygienic and safety equipments. It is the collective responsibility of the drivers, nannies, security supervisor and the officer in charge to make sure the smooth and safe pick up and drop off of the students. Drivers and nannies have to be reminded and updated the safety measures to be followed periodically. The drivers and nannies should ensure that the bus is empty after dropping the children at the school and back and the Bus Empty board should be displayed during those times.

  1. Play Ground Supervision:-

The staff is given duty in strategic positions to ensure safety of the students in the play area. They have to ensure that the number of users is restricted to avoid overcrowding. Any damage or problems found with the play equipments should be reported to the Supervisor with immediate effect.

  1. Swimming Pool:-

The maintenance supervisor should ensure that the water is filtered and cleaned properly on a daily basis. No student should be allowed to enter the swimming pool area without the assistance of the designated lifeguards and teachers. The swimming instructor has to ensure that the life guards and the life guarding equipments are in position before the swimming session starts. It is the teachers duty to identify the students who have serious ailments / allergic to swimming.

  1. Conclusion:-

Each of us has a part to play in the promotion of safety as well as prevention of accidents and ill health at our school. By valuing our own safety and that of our students and colleagues, we will each be able to participate fully in assisting in our commitment to safe guarding the health, safety and welfare of our students and employees and other service users.