We offer a range of co-curricular activities and programmes for gifted children.


  • Students who score over 98% are honoured with Rajagiri Awards for Academic Excellence
  • Routinely all test papers have a 5% of HOTS(Higher Order Thinking Skills) to provide a challenge


  • Talent in sports, music, dance, art and public speaking is nurtured in the activity hour every day from 1p.m to 2 p.m. and during the Annual Day Production, Sports day and also in talents day competitions.


  • The language of instruction is English in all classes. Parents and teachers work in coordination. Parents and Teachers work in coordination to ensure that children are fluent in English. Students learn Arabic from K.G 11 and can choose Malayalam or Hindi or French in Grade 1 as their second language.
  • Audio Visual aids are routinely used to ensure correct pronunciation and the culture and country of these languages studied to provide holistic education.