Picnic in the park


Happy time with friends and teachers at the park


Blast at the park


Shape walk at Al Warqa park


Living and Non-Living walk at Al Warqa park


Nature walk at Al Warqa park


KG 2's Field Trip

This is what makes us happy…

KG II's at Build – A – Bear.


KG1's Field Trip

Look at us…

Fun galore at Build – A – Bear.


Pre KG's Field Trip

Happy moments at Mini Monsters.



KG2's Field Trip

We zoomed off to the supermarket with glee…
We had fun on the learning spree !!!


Field Trip to Al Riffa Plant Nursery

Marking the first field trip for Grades 1 – 4 was the trip to the Al Riffa Plant Nursery Dubai.  This trip was planned as an extended and outdoor activity to enrich the child’s knowledge and curiosity and as our support to the  “theme based learning”which the children are enjoying currently.

They got to see, touch, feel and learn more about desert plants, native plants, potted soil and fertilizers.  They were thrilled to see real lemons, mangoes and figs on the trees, which was a rare sight for them.

It was a pleasure for the teachers to see the enthusiasm in their children.  They shared their knowledge on plants and trees, their adaptations, the climatic conditions etc.  In addition to learning more about plants they learnt from their teacher the importance of growing plants and the need to preserve them for the future.

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks” John Muir.

Pre-K's on their day out at Magic planet


KG 1's first fun trip to Magic Planet


Kindergarten 2

Fun Galore…

with Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera at the movie show


KG 2's nature walk


KG 1's listening walk


Pre Kindergarten's nature walk 


Grade 1 and 2 Field Trip to Mushrif Park


Our Kindergartener's at the Al Twar Park


Pre Kindergarten's Field trip to Mini Monsters

Let's go…

  Once more…

KG 1's Field trip to Lulu 

We are on a learning spree…


KG 2's Field trip to Sharjah Aquarium

We learnt about the marine life with glee…


KG 2's Field trip to Al Rawabi Farm


Field Trip to Al Rifaa Nursery (Grade 1-2)

‘’Don’t make trees rare, we should keep them with care.’’

On Thursday Grade 1 and 2 had gone on a field trip to Al Rifaa Nursery for a Green Tour.

A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to usable size. The plants are grown in open fields, on container fields and in tunnels or green houses. Students saw different kinds of ornamental trees, shrubs, creepers, climbers and bonsais.

Each class teacher explained about the different kinds of plants and their importance in our lives.

All the students enjoyed this wonderful and enriching experience.

KG 2's Field trip to Fun City

At fun city we had a blast.


Pre KG and KG 1's Field trip to Aqua Play

Our first field trip to Aqua play made us all happy and gay.


Trip to Aswaaq

Grade 6 students learnt about smart shopping. They were given an orientation about healthy products and asked to buy products  for Dhs.10/- keeping in mind their value.


Field Trip – Wonderland Water & Theme Park

To break away from their normal routine and environment, the Primus organized a field trip for the students from grades 6 to 8.Despite the summer heat, the students were excited and enjoyed themselves immensely.


KG 1’s trip to Dubai Aquarium and Under Water Zoo

We were off on one of the best field trips with our teachers.

It was fun to learn about the different under water creatures.


KG 2’s educational trip to the Dubai Museum


KG 1’s first exciting field trip to “Build A Bear”


AL Ahmadiyah School and Heritage House

"History is a continuous chain of events. The present is only an extension of the past.

We have to be proud of our forefathers, who were able to face the harshness of life with a strong will and dedication to shape a better collective future.

Primus in its attempt to revive the past in the young minds ,organized a field trip for Grade 3 and 4 ,to AL Ahmadiyah School and Heritage House on 20th May 2014.

Al Ahmadiya School was the first regular school in Dubai . The structure is built around a large courtyard with more than 10 rooms and a wind tower. Children, during those times ,studied Arabic calligraphy, mathematics, literature and astronomy while learning and reciting the Quran.

Students were anxious and excited to know about the first school and its progress. It was a learning experience wherein videos about the schools past were shown to the students.Overall the trip was educative and informative.

  Fun at the “Build A Bear Workshop”


Field trip – Pond park

A day out of school is really cool.

Fun day at Aqua play.


A fun filled educational trip to Children’s City.

Field trips are an important part of the school curriculum. Whether it is the zoo, the planetarium or just a nature walk, children can learn more about the world and how to interact with others when they leave the sheltered environment of the classroom. Whatever  the purpose, field trips are learning experiences.


Al Twar park

The kindergartners enjoyed their day out at the Al Twar park. They played to their hearts content on the slides and swings.


Dubai Zoo

The kindergarteners were excited to see the animals in the zoo. They laughed and had fun as they explored the animal kingdom.



The tiny tots from KG1 were filled with excitement for their first ever field trip to Playnation at the Midriff City Centre.


Adventure Land

The little ones from KG2 were highly excited and eager to explore every corner of Adventure land. Their joy knew no bounds as they had great fun trying all the exciting rides around them.


Sharjah aquarium

Kindergarteners visited the Sharjah aquarium and got an opportunity to experience and learn about marine life. Advanced technology and cutting edge design allowed the children to wander happily through tunnels and over bridges to gain differing perspectives on the 250 species, some rare, some just colorful, living in their beautifully constructed habitats.


Monte Carlo Circus

Circus is an exciting affair for all ages. This year the students of Primus went to watch the Monte Carlo Circus. Monte Carlo, the name, itself has a superb aura about it, and it really stood by its name. The children and the teachers really enjoyed and had lots of fun. There were some breath taking moments by the Acrobats and Gymnastics. It was a wonderful display of talents by the trapeze artist. The show put forth by the animals was marvelous, specially to mention the dog show was extra-ordinary. All student enjoyed and had a great time watching the Monte Carlo Circus.


Sharjah Science Museum.

The students of Grade 4 went to the science museum in Sharjah. The students enthusiastically explored the different scientific exhibits that had been displayed in the museum. They also witnessed a laser show, which was entertaining.

Visit to Al Rawabi Farm.

A guided tour that showed the students about cows, their milking process, feeds and the bottling of milk too..


The trip to Star gate students of Grade 3.


Field Trip To Nursery

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Desert Park

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