The tenth year anniversary celebrations of Primus Private School kicked off with a dazzling and exciting journey through the contours of Bharat, seeking in the present for clues to her past and in the past for clues to her future. ‘Bharata – The Rhythm of a Nation’ unveiled the legacy of the nation in its true resplendence.

The tenuous bounds of creativity were explored by the Primuseans in its divine hue. The spectacular display of creativity, dedication, talent, passion and hard work by the students and teachers left the crowd spellbound. The students were unrivalled in their performance. Embarking on the journey from the Indus valley civilization, meandering through the rise and fall of the Mauryan and the Mughal empires, sinking in the macabre rule of the British Raj, leaping into the splendid present times, and sneaking into the mighty futuristic India, the show assumed an ethereal dimension.

Our Chief Guests for the day were Mr. Pankaj Bhodke, the Consulate General of India, Mr. Pradeep, COO, Our Principal, Mrs. Arundati Rawat, Our Vice Principal, Mrs. Bishara Noorudin.

Flamboyant choreographies and mesmerizing melodies that were brimming throughout the show left the audience swooning. The show was a grand success and made the commemoration of the anniversary opulent. India’s intangible cultural heritage found its best expression in the labyrinths of art and creativity, and the meticulous planning and commitment of the Primuseans spared not a soul in experiencing ecstatic delight!