Inspection report sharing meeting


Workshop For Teachers

Mr. Mollins , from Educational Initiatives conducted a workshop on questioning skills and  Understanding by Design planning model  known as “Backward Design Model”. Teachers from Grades 1 to 8


Workshop For Teachers

All teachers teaching Grades 1 to 8 attended a 3 hr workshop on 1.Task Based Formative Assessment of Scholastic & Co-Scholastic domains 2.Construction of Quality Questions for Selected Response 3.Construction of Quality Questions for Constructed Response 4.Multidisciplinary Assessment conducted by Mr.Pritam Ahluwalia from ALL INDIA EDUCATION TESTING SERVICES, New Delhi who specializes in delivering workshops related to  CCE implementation across CBSE schools.

Teachers enrichment program

Math and Science teachers attended a workshop conducted by Yardstick.
They learnt how to use the activity and  incorporate the activity in their lesson plans.