The Primus Middle School Curriculum is framed on the principals of NCERT and also by taking required extensions from International curriculum, focused on key concepts and skills on which growth and development of an individual is built during the early adolescence. It provides ample opportunity for the holistic education, centered on values and character development. It has a clear rationale to develop a balance of knowledge, understanding and application of the key concepts of the core subjects along with focus on the 21 century skills of critical & creative thinking, problem solving and analytical reasoning. Encouraging learners to engage with a wide variety of subjects and make connections between them is the fundamental aspect of Primus curriculum.

It also lays emphasis on benefits of regular physical activity on physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being of an individual through emphasis on team games, art integration, fine arts and technological interest and aptitude. It paves way for smooth transition of the learner from early childhood to university adults.

Stage Age Duration Scholastic Subjects Co-scholastic Subjects
Middle Phase (Grade 6-8) 11 to 13 Years 3 Years English



Social Studies

Second Languages(French/Hindi/Malayalam)


Islamic Studies

Moral Education

Computer Studies

Physical Education


Art & creative Expression

Vocal Music