Our Vision

Learning Together Growing Together!

Primus is an academically rigorous school, we welcome a diverse range of learners from Pre-KG to Senior Secondary.

The Student Development Centre takes the lead in providing an inclusive education to students in close collaboration with parents, teachers and external specialists. In order to facilitate successful participation and progress for all learners, we offer a select range of additional provisions. These are subject to staffing and availability and are offered in response to the needs of the cohort. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Interventions for literacy
  • Interventions for mathematics
  • Speaking and listening
  • Social skills
  • Motor skills
  • Life skills
  • Directed studies
  • Extra-curricular activities specific to students with SEND

PPS offers a high quality education for all students of determination, through our multiple curriculum pathways, supported by appropriate and personalized provision, resources and curricular options.

We have developed a reliable network of external providers, who parents can contract to provide specialist assessment and therapy services . These include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive developmental/diagnostic assessment
  • Psycho educational assessment
  • Behavioral assessment and intervention
  • Occupational Therapy/Sensory Integration assessment and intervention
  • Speech and Language Therapy assessment and intervention
  • Personalized support from a 1:1 Learning Support Assistant

Counseling Services

The students of general schooling are involved in counseling. The models were based on: 1) problem-solving within realistic situations, 2) learning in multiple contexts, 3) content derived from diverse work and life situations and 4) authentic assessments. These models required upfront planning that included selecting the exact strategy, utilizing it at the right time with both individualized and collective outcomes aligned with the lesson goals.

Wellbeing: Well-able Services

We are trained to observe and intervene where required in the health and wellbeing of children in the school The health and wellbeing of every single child in our school is of paramount importance.

Primus launched “Happiness Meter” to embed a culture of wellbeing to provide the three stakeholders( staff, pupils and parents) with a platform to ensure the holistic development of each child. creating a wellbeing culture involves the whole school community. Everyone needs to have a belief that inclusion and wellbeing are just as important as academic studies and one cannot succeed without the other. Common understanding of all stakeholders is utilized as a gear stick for change.

The core members for leading the inclusion, counseling and wellbeing services consisted of the Senior Leadership Team, Lead for Inclusion .Special Education Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Department members comprising Special Educators / Counselors’, teachers and Support Assistants’.

Inclusion means an effort to make all students feel welcomed, lovingly supported and appropriately challenged.

Diversity is the mix, Inclusion is making the mix work.