The school values the feedback it receives from parents and the supportive parent family. Acting on both affirmative and critical feedback; demonstrates our commitment to address issues of concern. Concerns about any aspect of the school’s operations, service or personnel will be handled responsibly, openly and in a timely manner.

The purpose of this Policy is to provide a school-based system for the management of concerns about educational and administrative issues made by students, parents/guardians and/or school staff.

When a complaint is received, it is first listened to, investigated and informed where necessary.

  • The complaint is resolved as fairly and quickly on a win win basis.
  • The parents can contact the school first with their concerns and talk to the class teacher and issue can be sorted out in this way easily and informally.
  • If the parents are still unhappy, they can raise a formal complaint to the section supervisor/Headmistress/Principal; the concerned will take the complaint seriously and investigate the case.
  • Parents can be assured that all complaints and expressions of concern, whether raised informally or formally, will be treated seriously and confidentially.
  • A complaint box is also placed in the reception area where parents can put their complaints in the box in written form.
  • The complaint is viewed and sorted at the earliest.