Policy Statement

This policy establishes the process and considerations that will guide decisions about promotion and retention of pupils of special needs from PKG to GRADE 8.For the purpose of this policy, the promotion of pupils for the next grade is understood as moving of pupils sequentially from the current grade to the next grade, after fulfilling promotional requirements. Retention is when pupil are held back in their current grade or year, rather than moving up with the rest of their peers due to their failure in meeting requirements of promotion to the following grade, and after following the guidelines included in the policy.

Pupils with Special Educational Needs

All pupils on an Individual Education Plan who meet their objectives and targets progress to the next age appropriate placement and grade level –sequence. We retain student with special needs if they are not making the expected level of progress in adjusting in structured classroom, behaviorally or academically.

Assessment and record keeping

School will explore all potential alternatives to retention, and the following steps will be taken if a pupil is failing to make the required progress for their particular age range.
• Immediately notify the pupils parents/guardians and hold a meeting to discuss measures to be taken to provide pupil with additional learning support.
• An intervention plan will be put into place and this may include modifications to the teaching programme to support the pupil.
• Regular update will be provided to parent /guardian concerning the impact of such interventions on a regular basis.
If the above steps have all been taken and the pupil is still not making the required level of progress then the matter shall be referred to the academic section head ,the principal and the concerned teachers and the final decision shall be based on the collective decision of the following:
• Teacher recommendations from the current academic year
• The academic counselor
• The phase supervisor/head
• The parents/Guardians
These members shall consider a number of factors which may improve the pupils education level, paying particular attention to the following considerations especially when a final decision is being taken:
• The social and developmental impact on the pupil if he or she is separated from their peers;
• School report showing progress or lack of progress over one or more years;
• The school’s curriculum as approved by KHDA;
• The capacity of the school to provide an improved, differentiated learning experience and support for pupils who have in the past been retained;
• Whether or not the pupil has already been previously retained;
• Whether a pupil has been assessed for special education needs, and whether a pupil is in need of an Individual Education Plan which can better serve his/her individual learning needs.